The power of seduction

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Volume of your looks

MINK Line - Volume System from the Perfect Silk Lashes™  a professional line, specially developed for the method of semi-permanent lash extension “Volume System”.
This method allows achieving an incredible volume effect as you are gluing two or more lash extensions with one natural lash.
The eyelashes become thick and lush, creating a unique look. The result is a stunning, eye-catching look, emphasizing beauty.

extension ciglia volume system

Spectacular view

With special lashes  MINK Line - Volume System you will look like a real movie star.

Choose your own eyelash style  that is best for your eyes.

Your bright extravagant image will attract more attention.

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Perfect ease

MINK Line - Volume System - a special lash extension line. Tufts are soft and flexible, very light and super thin, just repeating the shape of the natural eyelashes. These characteristics makes them ideal for “Volume System”, it is possible to glue several lash extensions of the natural one without weighing and retaining a natural feeling while you are moving the eyelid.
The secret is in a special hypoallergenic formula containing a component of silk. This distinguishes lashes of MINK Line from synthetic eyelashes, very common on the market.

Endless flapping of eyelashes

MINK Line - Volume System is a semi-permanent eyelash extension line.
The combination of exclusive gluing technology PSL™ VOLUMINEX SYSTEM™ and special  InfinityFlex™ Glue, guarantees maximum fixation and resistance to water and heat. You can feel relaxed and at ease in any situation, without having to worry about lash extensions.

Preferred look

Professional line for eyelash extensions MINK Line - Volume System offers different length and curl choices. The possibilities are virtually endless when different MINK Line eyelash extension systems are combined. MINK Line - One By One System  presents a variety of shapes, colors, curves, lengths and thickness options.


Types of curls



Eyelashes with a slight curl at the place of attachment and on the ends.



Lash extensions of an impressive curl line to create a strong and expressive look.





 Do you want to emphasize the beauty of your looks by naturally looking lash extensions?




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SILK Line - One by One

Professional line is made for semi-permanent eyelash extensions One by One System. It is more delicate comparing with the MINK Line.

extension sopracciglia


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eyebrow extensions.



Semi-professional line. Gluing lashes to the eyelids using the Flare System .